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Boron deficiency in pome fruits e.g Apple,Pear (External cork/Internal cork)

Boron deficiency in pome fruitse.g Apple,Pear (External cork/Internal cork) -Brown tissue occurs near the core -Cracks may develop in fruit -Stem and leave symptoms Boron (B) is required by plants in a very small quantity by apples & pears that’s why it’s said to be a trace element (TE), its deficiency can cause various disorders. […]

Trace Elements after Post Harvesting

Trace Elements after Post Harvesting As the harvest season is on a close, attention should be given to next year’s crop potential and time has come to take of that too. Foliar application of Micro elements is very beneficial. The highly recommended micro elements to apply now are Magnesium, Zinc and Boron ( Most Important […]