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Era® Redlove Apple Variety

Era® Redlove Very productive and disease resistant, Era® Redlove Apple is a great variety. Era features large, red fruit with almost solid red flesh. Firm, crisp, juicy and refreshingly sweet with a hint of tartness, it is great for fresh eating and makes tasty juice. Era® Redlove Redlove Era (an alleged cross-pollination of Royal Gala […]

Pink Lady® -Apple Variety

#Apple #Variety   Pink Lady® The Pink Lady apples themselves are unique, with a distinctive pink blush over a yellow or green base. The flavor is often described as simultaneously tart and sweet.   Pink Lady® – apple are a cross between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams from the Western Australian apple breeding program.   […]

Red Del. RedVelox® Stark Gugger – Apple Variety

Red Del. RedVelox® Stark Gugger Owner GRIBA Baumschulgenossenschaft Origin Red Del. RedVelox® Stark Gugger is a mutation of Red Del. Standard. Tree Vigor – medium Blossom – few days before Golden Del. Pollinators – Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Gala Fruit Size – Medium to Large Color – dark red, blushed – slightly striped Flavor – sweet with low acidity […]


Variety GRANNY SMITH CHALLENGER® Origin – Mutation of Granny Smith. Picking date – after Golden Delicious. Fruit size – Small to medium. Tree Blossom date – Before Golden Delicious Pollinator are – Gala, Golden Delicious. Pollinator for – For most of Delicious varieties. Vigour – Strong Time till first cropping /yields – Average /Very good yields Susceptibility to […]

Apple variety KING® ROAT – Himachal Fruits

KING® ROAT Red Delicious* is a branch mutation of Hapke. Origin-The mother tree was discovered in Algund (South Tyrol, Italy). KING® ROAT Red Delicious* is a fully blush strain with intense bright dark red overcolor. Fruits start coloring weeks earlier compared to other strains. Fruit – Fruit shape is naturally long and symmetric, which results […]