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THE WOOLLY APHIDS(Erisoma lanigerum)

The woolly aphid (Subfamily: Eriosomatinae) is a sucking insect that lives on plant fluids and produces a filamentous waxy white covering which resembles cotton, fur or wool. The adults are winged and move to new locations where they can lay egg masses. The larvae often form large cottony masses on twigs, for protection from predators. […]

Why & When, What & How Farmer Should Do?

Contributed by : Prof. Dr. V. S. Bawasakar >Every year from first week of June farmer should sow cucumber so farmers can start harvesting in the end of July.Farmer can take  this crop again from 15th Nov to 15th Jan.  This gives farmer good crop with good rates for  cucumber at least  for  minimum two months. […]


Panchakavya, an organic product blended from five offerings that evolve from the cow, used in Indian medicine since time immemorial and now being used, with astonishing results, to safeguard plants and soil micro-organisms and to increase fruit and vegetable production. The Sanskrit word Panchakavya means “mixture of five products”, and it has been used in traditional Hindu rituals throughout history. Panchakavya […]

Right time to fertilize an Apple Tree

Lots of growers get confused and many don’t know exactly when to apply fertilizers to apple tree, due to which they suffer because of bad crops. Apple trees require nutrients to live, grow and produce crops. Due to a deficiency of one or more of these nutrients in the soil, the tree grow and produce […]