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Apple Orchard- Monsoon Care

Great for us as a grower, when we here monsoon is on its way! With it lot of problems comes if it is a case of heavy rainfall e.g. fungus, bacterial issues, deficiencies of nutrients, attack of different pests & diseases, excess irrigation, soil erosion, fertilizer leaching, wash out of foliar application etc How this […]

Boron deficiency in pome fruits e.g Apple,Pear (External cork/Internal cork)

Boron deficiency in pome fruitse.g Apple,Pear (External cork/Internal cork) -Brown tissue occurs near the core -Cracks may develop in fruit -Stem and leave symptoms Boron (B) is required by plants in a very small quantity by apples & pears that’s why it’s said to be a trace element (TE), its deficiency can cause various disorders. […]