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जड़ सड़न का इलाज -Himachal Fruits

(कृपया दवा प्रयोग में लाने से पहले आवश्य हमारी हेल्पलाइन पर संपर्क करें) 1️⃣ हुवा-सान ( रोम प्रौद्योगिकी, यूरोप से आयात किया गया रोगाणुनाशक )- 5ml प्रति लीटर पानी में । ( मिट्टी में नमी कम होने पर आवेदन करें )। 2️⃣ एमरल्ड निवारण 500 ml + एमरल्ड मॉलिका 200 लीटर पानी में । (उपयोग […]

Red Del. RedVelox® Stark Gugger – Apple Variety

Red Del. RedVelox® Stark Gugger Owner GRIBA Baumschulgenossenschaft Origin Red Del. RedVelox® Stark Gugger is a mutation of Red Del. Standard. Tree Vigor – medium Blossom – few days before Golden Del. Pollinators – Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Gala Fruit Size – Medium to Large Color – dark red, blushed – slightly striped Flavor – sweet with low acidity […]

Root Rot,Crown and Collar of Apple

Symptoms When (Root Rot/Color Rot) Phytophthora rots are suspected, inspect the of the tree and excavate soil from around the trunk and root system to examine tissues for crown and root rot symptoms. Upon peeling back, the outer bark of the trunk, the normally green cambium will appear orange or brown. Roots may be a […]

Gala Dark Baron® Apple Variety

Gala Dark Baron® #Apple #Variety Gala Dark Baron® apples are characterized by intense red-purple color during the harvest period. Already one month before the harvest, the fruits are colored in a distinctive color. Stalks, like fruits, have a red color. The shape of apples is spherical, very similar to the standard Gala variety. -Mutation of Gala Standard […]


Variety GRANNY SMITH CHALLENGER® Origin – Mutation of Granny Smith. Picking date – after Golden Delicious. Fruit size – Small to medium. Tree Blossom date – Before Golden Delicious Pollinator are – Gala, Golden Delicious. Pollinator for – For most of Delicious varieties. Vigour – Strong Time till first cropping /yields – Average /Very good yields Susceptibility to […]

Apple variety KING® ROAT – Himachal Fruits

KING® ROAT Red Delicious* is a branch mutation of Hapke. Origin-The mother tree was discovered in Algund (South Tyrol, Italy). KING® ROAT Red Delicious* is a fully blush strain with intense bright dark red overcolor. Fruits start coloring weeks earlier compared to other strains. Fruit – Fruit shape is naturally long and symmetric, which results […]

Organic cure of canker – Himachal Fruits

Canker is most common problem in fruits growing area It can be suspected in plants if symptoms like sunken, water soaked or gummy in summers and monsoons these symptoms with time become darker, reddish brown to dark black and finally stem or branch die which affect all plant slowly and with time whole orchard. Treatment- […]

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