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Pink Lady® -Apple Variety

Posted on | September 1, 2020 | No Comments

pink 6#Apple #Variety
Pink Lady® The Pink Lady apples themselves are unique, with a distinctive pink blush over a yellow or green base. The flavor is often described as simultaneously tart and sweet.
Pink Lady® – apple are a cross between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams from the Western Australian apple breeding program.
Pink Lady® Tree
• Growth – Average.
• Flowering- Nearing Golden Delicious.
• Yield – very good.
• Pollination- Self-fertile, Grafted.
• Susceptibility to alternate bearing – low susceptibility to alternate bearing / easy thinning.
• Susceptibility / resistance to diseases – susceptible to scab and bruising.
• Best with pollinator-Granny Smith, Golden delicious.
• Chilling requirements similar to Granny Smith. 400-500 hours.
Pink Lady® Fruit
• Harvest period – Mid August-September.
• Store-ability – Good storage Life, in Controlled Atmosphere.
• Color – Pink with yellow or green base.
• Type of color – Oblong, green fruit turns yellow at maturity and is overlaid with pink or light red.
• Shape: ellipsoid shape.
• Flesh / taste – crisp, sweet with a hint of acidity.
• Harvesting- Ripens late September.
• Fruit Size-Small-Medium.
License holder – EVI
Elevation – 6500 feet’s above sea level – 7500 feet’s above sea level.


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