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Era® Redlove Apple Variety

Posted on | September 11, 2020 | No Comments

apple-redloveEra® Redlove Very productive and disease resistant, Era® Redlove Apple is a great variety. Era features large, red fruit with almost solid red flesh. Firm, crisp, juicy and refreshingly sweet with a hint of tartness, it is great for fresh eating and makes tasty juice.

Era® Redlove Redlove Era (an alleged cross-pollination of Royal Gala and Braeburn apples)

Era® Redlove Tree
• Growth – Average.
• Flowering- Nearing Delicious varieties (Pink /purple flowers, red buds).
• Yield – very good.
• Susceptibility to alternate bearing – low susceptibility to alternate bearing.
• Susceptibility / resistance to diseases – scab resistant.
• Best with pollinator- Neighboring trees often offer sufficient pollen for good fruit set.
• Chilling requirements similar to Gala varieties – 400-500 hours.

Era® Redlove Fruit
• Harvest period – Mid August-September.
• Store-ability – Good storage Life, in Controlled Atmosphere.
• Type of color 95% dark red, almost fluorescent with red flesh.
• Shape – have a round, conical, to oval shape.
• Flesh / taste – solid red flesh crispy, refreshingly sweet with a hint of tartness.
• Harvesting- Ripens late August-September.
• Fruit Size-Small-Medium.

Apple breeder – Bred by Markus Kobelt, Switzerland.

Elevation – 5800 feet’s above sea level – 7500 feet’s above sea level (Exactly Unknown).


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