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Contemporary trends: Answer to woes of fruit growers in Himachal

Posted on | October 6, 2012 | No Comments

Contributed by: Richa Khimta

Although considered a profitable business, fruit growers in Himachal Pradesh have to earn their moolah the hard way. Be it cultivation of the fruits or their marketing it’s all a struggle. The main cause behind these problems is the ignorance of the fruit growers while a little bit can be blamed on the authorities. I am talking about problems like bad roads, obsolete methods of cultivation and weak marketing strategies. The problems might be gigantic, but they can’t stop the 1.6 lakh families (in 9 out of 12 districts) in the state from doing what they do best. The producers are skilled already; what’s lacking is the information and access to the latest tools of cultivation.

The problem of bad-roads is one of the worst in the state. It is like one of those deadly diseases that are treatable but incurable (I mean, repairing of roads is fine but who can prevent land slides in the rains). Every year so many farmers lose their money because of the bad roads. But hopes are still high for the end of these road troubles as the state govt. works towards a plan for better road connectivity and other road related issues that are hampering the fruit-growing industry.

Another problem weighing down the industry is the old methods of cultivation still used by the farmers. It’s not that the producers follow some kind of a traditional culture, the thing is that they don’t have any information about the latest trends and technology, and their benefits. They still depend on synthetic fertilizers to improve the fertility of the soil, on rains for irrigation, on old tools for cultivation. Things like organic farming, ph balance, new irrigation techniques are gibberish to them (pls. don’t take offense, this is in reference to the fruit growers living in the tribal and high altitude areas of the state who get little exposure to such methods). So, for their benefit let me throw some light on these new methods, maybe that will help.

Let’s begin with organic farming. In simple words, organic farming means a method of agriculture that requires minimal use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The method is recognized and practiced globally and why not, it benefits the soil, the environment as well as the people. Its multi-benefits also include the low cultivation cost and increased productivity.

Soil testing – if you love your plants then you must conduct this test in your orchards. It will answer all your questions about the health of your plants and how it can be improved. So, now you won’t have to blindly add fertilizers to the soil, depending on the results of the test you can take action accordingly.

Grafting – I know that’s a familiar word, but what I’m talking about is grafting to produce such new variety of fruits that can survive global warming and climate change.

How many of us know about Deep Drip? Well, to be honest I didn’t until yesterday when I started my research on this article. The company has introduced these very exceptional devices that can be used to water and fertilize your plants. Can there be better news for the producers? They won’t have to depend on the mercy of Mother Nature any more thanks to Deep Drip.

Orchardists often complain about hail storms spoiling their fruits. They can lead to big losses sometimes, but there’s a way out. The answer to this problem is the anti – hail net. These finely woven nets don’t just protect your trees against hail but also act as a shield against frost, which crystallizes on the net, and wind, which robs the soil of its moisture and heat.

There is no denying the fact that cultivation is a laborious job, but it can be made easy with the latest tools, which are convenient to use and 100% safe, while the use of bio fertilizers can take care of the rest. For buying these products Zenport Industries is the best in the business. The company offers a wide and unique range of cultivation tools to reduce labor and increase productivity. Well, this is just a preview, for those who want more information on these products and how to buy them, please log on to our website:

Now that we have covered almost everything related to the production, lets move on to marketing. I have to admit that the marketing network for fruits in the state is quite limited, which ultimately affects the pockets of the fruit growers. The buzz has it that two modern marketing yards are to be constructed in Theog and Una for the benefit of the producers and to protect them from the clutches of the middlemen. If this happens, the fruit growers will be the happiest people in the state.

The fact is that the state’s fruit-based industry is flourishing, but it has more scope and the producers can reap threefold profits provided they come out of their traditional shell and open up to new cultivation methods and technologies.


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