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Why & When, What & How Farmer Should Do?

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Contributed by : Prof. Dr. V. S. Bawasakar

>Every year from first week of June farmer should sow cucumber so farmers can start harvesting in the end of July.Farmer can take  this crop again from 15th Nov to 15th Jan.  This gives farmer good crop with good rates for  cucumber at least  for  minimum two months.

>On the Mahashivratri day sow the onion seed & re transplant it within a month, benefit  farmer get leafy vegetable of onion that fetches Rs. 4 to Rs. 35 / bundle from Gudhi Padwa to Ashad (June, July) month.

>In the beginning on 5 guntha to 10 guntha plots sow (broadcast) coriander in summer from 17th  March to 19th  May or even the first week of June by application of Dr. Bawasakar Technology you get excellent results, good crop, lustrous and reap very nice rate for green coriander  in the market. There are examples in many states of having earned 5 lakh rupees in two months from  5 acres of land brought under coriander crop in summer & pitru paksha.

>In June – July farmer can  grow marigolds, aster, chrysanthemum (Shevanti) sthats gives farmer chance to earn good profit during ganpati, dusurra, Diwali festival it fetches lucrative profits.

>Similarly farmers can earn profits by marketing marigold during Gudhi Padwa & Akshay  Trutiya  to  get  good  rates  for  flowers  of  tuberose  also come during the marriage season in India it gives you the best rate. During off season rates are down as low as Rs. 12 to 20 in/kgs and farmer goes into loss.

>Dr. Bawasakar Technology application in open field condition to Exotic & Dutch flowers, capsicum gives extraordinary quality better than poly house/ green house crop in general and you can make good money by selling flowers (roses)during  valentine day and / export them in various parts of the world. Hundreds of new comers in poly house crops growing since 40 years have found Dr.Bawasakar Technology as boon to get quality results.

>Growing of rice/dhan by application of Dr. Bawasakar Technology quality during the season gives good yield of  rice/dhan.

Application  of  Dr.  Bawasakar  Technology  for  ginger  &  turmeric  crop disease free high & better quality yield of seed plot & commercial crop.

>In Sept Hasta Bahar of lime crop is very paying generally due to heavy rains of hasta this bahar fails & you get a bumper crop of lime during summer. But by proper application of  Saptamrut, Harmony & Kalptaru you get good quality bumper crop of lime during summer which fetches very high profits.

>During April & October pruning of grapes being adjusted so that the grapes come to market during Ramjan & Christmas which fetches better profit.

>Strawberry  plantation be done such (during Aug.-Sept.) so that fruits fetch good & high rate during Christmas. So is the Case with water melons, musk  melon pomegranates and such other fruit crops.  You must have good study of the market so that application of Dr.Bawasakar Technology gives you results. Fruits obtained during the festival period & exported world over fetches 2 to 4 times market rates.

>After the Ganpati festival or mid September  there is pitru paksha during this time the vegetables should be brought to the market during this fortnight which fetches you better profit.

>In the month of Oct. – Nov. (But–now a day’s weather has changed cold winter comes late in Dec.) before the start of winter (15 day’s before) sow Bhendi so that you can reap good harvest in winter and make lucrative profit see that everyday or on alternate day you pluck tender bhendi (Lady’s finger) fruit which has good market.

>Before the Navaratri festival, after the harvest of early onion (Halwa) and harvest of kharif Bajra while taking rabi crop of wheat by applying Germinator to wheat seed  sow  it  before  19th Nov  and  irrigate  afterevery  Intervals  21  days start it as (21,42,63,84 & 105 day’s) Never forget to irrigate on 21 day’s after sowing; for per one day late watering gives 1 bag (Quintal) less yield of wheat / Acre.

>If Protective irrigation is not sufficient for 42 days then irrigate on 63 days. On 63 & 84 do irrigate (flowering time) & 105 days i.e. dough stage grain formation Stage of wheat.

>Right  from  the  beginning  just  before  irrigation  give  3-4  spray  of  Dr. Bawasakar Technology Saptamrut makes use of Kalpataru  /50 kg 2 bags one at sowing & another after the time of first weeding for wheat.

>If there is dry weather and not much rainfall and less humid climate but good arrangement of irrigation (drip) than Mrug Bahar of pomegranate whose fruits are ready for harvest in Jan-Feb of next year. If you prefer to take Ambia Bahar (Dec-Jan) then the fruits are ready in July and August. Now Since Las 3-4 years pomegranate is having better rates for bhagva, Mrudula from 60-70 Rs. To 100-140/kilo and farmers are taking 4-6 lakh Rs. /Acre.

>Generally April and Oct. Pruning of grapes should be so adjusted that grapes come to market early during Christmas and finish lay March end so that you can get a good market rate to the grapes. This year 2012, the market rates were high.As the quarantine standards are complicated for European Market it is better to sell  the  grapes  in  Indian markets.  Thousand  of  grape  farmers  have obtained good quality yield or good (more) Profits on using Dr. Bawasakar Technology as per recommendation.

>Strawberry  can  be  grown  anywhere  in  India  by  application  of  Dr. Bawasakar Technology. However to get good profit by using  Dr. Bawasakar Technology you should see that strawberry comes to market in Dec. during Natal and is finished by March end & if it continues in April & it gets perished earlier.

>Custard  apple  should  come  during  the Gauri Ganpati festival.  During  Dec.Bahar treatment should be done by cutting the unwanted vegetative growth & died(Necrotic) branches and to leave crop on resting (No watering). Then in Feb. or March  end  (During  Mahashivaratry)add  cow dung  20-30  kg  or  1-2  kg Kalpataru / plant + if required any NPK fertilizer and give light, Medium & Normal water within 7-8 days. This initiates  flowering in April, May. To avoid flower drop due to high temp & hot sunshine, make use of saptamrut of Dr.Bawasakar Technology in consultation with our expert from nearby K.V.K. or asking our technical staff. The fruit bearing during Gouri festival gives lucrative profit and avoid a flush of crop during Dasara-Diwali when prices dwindle down.

>In fig the khatta Bahar or Mitha Bahar can be obtained with good quality used by Dr. Bawasakar Technology (Krishi Vidnyana Dec. 1999 page No. 21) Fig generally is between B 70-100 / kg.

>Early onion (June planting) can come in Aug-Sept and has better keeping quality as it transforms one patti to many pattis by application of Dr. BawasakarTechnology and fetchers more rate as experienced by hundred is of farmers during the last 25 yrs & more. Generally late varieties grown  in winter (Sept to

Dec.) harvest after 4 months between Jan to May store during monsoon in shed and sold in the market during 15th Oct. to 15th Nov.  which is the best season in Kerala, Karanataka & Tamil Nadu.

>In Mangoes, Alphonso does not bear fruit every year and comes late in April, May as a consequence form  spongy tissue. By adoption of Dr. BawasakarTchnology and Kalptaru  (O.M.) this can be successfully avoided by taking crop during March-April month with a high degree of improvement in quality & yield . In case of Keshar variety of mango which is gaining good acreage in many states by dopting  of Dr. Bawasakar Technology the bearing is regular and yield & quality also increases to export quality.

>In shravan month June (Mrug) and Vaishakh (Feb-March) if possible take crop of mung leguminous crop which is ready in 45 days and can fetch goodamount of profit.

>In orange orchards in part vidarbha & Marathwada and other states of India the acreage under orange (citrous) is getting reduced the existing orchards are catashophically  getting  devastated  because  of  in  fesotion  of  diseases  and creating deformities good success is achieved by application of Dr. Bawasakar

Technology as schedule.

>While taking green chili crop planting should be bone such that the crop comes for harvest during March to June (Summer) when the crop grown and yield is less in general but can overcome this problem by use of Dr. Bawasakar Technology and can accrue regular money during the summer.

>In light to medium salt free soil having free lime i.e. CaCO3 <5% and having no other salts, but even with less water availability (drought prone areas) & having high temperatures (35 to 40 C.) i.e. these adverse conditions are virtuous for taking  Drumstick  crop.  We  have  selected  from  Coimbatore  varieties  &recommend  ‘Siddhi  Vinayak’  drum  stick  which  is  grown  successfully  by thousand  of  farmers  all  over  India.  (Please  refer  Drumstick  book  of  Dr.Bawasakar Technology.)

>Let Banana Plantation be with suckers or tissue culture. With application of Dr. Bawasakar Technology the crop has been excellent. The foreign scientists & ministers, Progressive farmers saluted & admired the result of Dr.Bawasakar Technology.

>The crop of hybrid papaya be taken such that it is ready during Ramjan period to get good rates. Haryana, Punjab (Ludhiayana) Markets are good with the result of Dr. Bawasakar Technology.

>The Tomato crop be planted in March, June & December month so that you get a good price for the crop in another period of the year there is a glut of harvest and rates are enormously low.

>Brinjal  having  small spikes and the one having purple color (weighing 200gm to 500gm) but having less seeds which is suitable for bhareet recipe is in high demand and fetches good income in a season. By    Dr. Bawasakar Technology can take good returns by selling many crops. It gives export quality.

>In case of cabbage the harvest fetches good rate during summer (i. e.-Feb). So plant cabbage  two months in advance. The size should be between 250gm to 400 gram coconut shape which is sufficient for square family.

>For cauliflower generally there is demand in Aug. & Feb. & hot summer. The size should be weighing  bet 250 to 500gm, super (snow white) in color. In areas of Sangli and parts of states where crops is gram is saline or problem soils the fruit becomes purple in colour. This is overcome by application of  Dr. Bawasakar Technology.

>The fruit & Veg. Markets are dull in June because of school admissions, in Dec.  because  of  instalment  premium,  payment  of  taxes  and  some  time  in summer too because purchasing power is low. The markets are higher on Sundays  &  public  holidays  and  month wise  during  August,Oct,Nov (Dussera, Diwali festival.)

>Availability of Eight month water has also become scarce due to less, erratic and less duration of rainfall. Therefore, the water table has gone very deep. The water availability in sub soil strata has been reduced, so much so that water for drinking is also a great problem from Jan to June-July. There for rainwater harvesting recharging of wells is an alternative source  to overcome this plight.

>Due to less water, higher population there is high demand for good quality vegetables  in  summer  so  use  water  of  Judiciously uses  to  circumspect  this situation and enjoy the best quality crops & good health & good profit.

>It is recommended that growing of SVS Drumstick in moderate soil & water early you can get almost 70 thousand to 1 lakh Rs./acre in one year. Besides in the first year & subsequent years you can take an inter crop as bonus (Refes Krushi Vidnyana March 2010 Page No. 29, Mr. Vasantrao kale) for guidance  and read our book on Drumstick  so also (Krushi Vidnyana), March & April 2012.)

>For growing organic vegetables, fruits, flowers you may adopt all necessary precautions.  Our  Krushi  Vidnyana  Kendras  will  guide  you  including  our corporate office in Pune for more information & guidance.This fetches 2 to 4 times higha rates in the to city market & export market .


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