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How to Increase Soil pH

Posted on | December 24, 2014 | No Comments

How to Increase Soil pH
Many apple growers have a problem of low pH in their soil. Some soils are acidic by nature and, in other cases, low pH is the result of heavy use of inorganic/synthetic fertilization, tilling and irrigation.

pH of soil  below 5.5 can affect like reduction in yields of crop & increases nutrient related problems. Condition like this  pH, the availability of micro-nutrients such as manganese(Mn) , aluminum (Al) and iron(Fe) increases and toxicity problem of micro-nutrients can occur, which invites many problems.

On opposite side , Soil that have low pH, availability of other essential nutrients, such as Potash(K) , Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) is decreased and might result in deficiencies.

pH changes are much more rapid than in soils. Although various growing media are available with different baseline/starting pH levels, the effect of fertilization and irrigation on their pH levels can be enormous.

Increasing soil pH using Lime
This is the most commonly adopted technique to raise the soil pH is applying agricultural lime. Solubility of lime is relatively low, so if it is applied only to the soil surface, it usually affects only the top layer of the soil, not more than a few centimeters deep.

In soil-less matter, lime should be incorporated into the source before planting and the process is usually logistically difficult. Waiting until after planting only makes it more complicated, because the lime should then be individually applied to each growing container or each plant. If thinking to apply lime through irrigation, wont give results as due to its very low solubility, it’s not recommended to apply lime through irrigation.


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